Track & trace for perfumes

In accordance with Resolution No. 792-r of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 28 April 2018, the product group «Perfumes and Eau de Toilette» is subject to the mandatory marking as of 1 December 2019.

On 21 June 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia held a public industry discussion on a track & trace system for perfumes and on conducting a voluntary experiment for this group of goods.

During the discussion, issues related to stage-by-stage introduction of the mandatory marking were raised, as well as related to conducting scientific and research work at the Center for Research in Perspective Technologies. A working group was set up based on the results of the discussion. The group comprised representatives of the industry’s leading unions and entrepreneur associations of Russia, including the Association of Wholesale/Retail Companies, L’Etoile, FM-Logistic and Yves Rocher.

The first stage of testing is scheduled for January 2019. The second stage, which involves a transition to the active phase of operations for the entire market and the expansion of the circle of participants, will take place from 10 June to 1 October 2019. Mandatory marking for perfumes will commence on 1 December 2019, in accordance with Resolution No. 792-r of the Russian Government.

The first meeting of the working group was scheduled for 16 August 2018. At the meeting, it is planned to discuss the necessary stages of scientific and research work to determine the optimal methods for applying digital codes to products and the possible types of marking.

A schedule of webinars is currently being formulated, during which economic agents will become familiar with the general concepts of marking, the procedure of the proposed experiment, the technological features of applying digital codes on perfumes and eau de toilette, as well as with the experience of introducing marking of product groups for which experiments are already underway.

Viktor Shapkin

Financial Director of L'Etoile chain of stores

«We have thoroughly studied the experience of marking other product groups. We see that there are certain characteristic features of our industry that must be reflected in the new procedure. Therefore, L’Etoile has joined the working group for conducting a pilot project. We have already taken part in public hearings held by the Ministry of Industry and have voiced our proposals for the organisation of marking in order to create new jobs in Russia and lower the risk of substandard services being provided in this sphere. The introduction of mandatory marking will help to protect the end user from buying counterfeit perfumes at kiosks and stalls near subway stations or online».
Source: New Retail

Representatives of industrial associations
Head of the Customs Regulations Committee of the Retail Companies Association Anna Orlova
Head of the working group and representatives of the CRPT Operator
RFID solutions architect, CRPT Operator LLC Vladimir Boryaev
Documentation support analyst, CRPT Operator LLC Elizaveta Belevtseva
Director for development of new business areas, CRPT Operator LLC, and Head of the working group Dmitry Skorchelletti
before the launch of mandatory marking on 1 December 2019
The experiment has been
conducted since 1 July 2019
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Experiment completion date: 30/11/2019
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