Track & trace for tyres

In accordance with Resolution No. 792-r of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 28 April 2018, the group of goods «Tyres and Tyre Casings, Rubber, Pneumatic, New» is subject to the mandatory marking as of 1 December 2019.

The expansion of the list of marked products was initiated by the business community, whose representatives have remarked upon the expedience of applying a track & trace system to this sector. A number of leading industrial organisations and manufacturers of tyre products are worried about the increased level of illegal circulation and have expressed their willingness to take part in the experiment.

On 8 June 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia held a public discussion on introducing the track & trace digital system for tyres and tyre casings and on conducting a voluntary experiment for marking this group of goods.

During the discussion, issues related to formulating an action plan for the introduction of the mandatory marking were raised, as well as related to conducting scientific and research work at the Scientific and Research Institute of Rubber and Polymer Products JSC (Rostec State Corporation). A working group was set up based on the results of the discussion.

This included representatives of the industry’s leading entrepreneur associations of Russia, including Scientific and Research Institute of Rubber and Polymer Goods JSC, Kordiant JSC, Tyre Manufacturers Association, etc.

On 22 June 2018, the Center for Research in Perspective Technologies held a meeting with a working group in which issues of possible track & trace for types — Data Matrix and RFID tags — were discussed. Businesses took an active part in all stages of the project’s discussion.

Preparations are underway for conducting scientific and research work to determine the optimal methods for applying the digital codes, and a webinar schedule is being created, in which industry players can become familiarised with general concepts of marking and the procedure of the planned experiment.

Head and Co-Head of the working group
RFID solutions architect, CRPT Operator LLC Vladimir Boryaev
Documentation support analyst, CRPT Operator LLC Elizaveta Belevtseva
Director for development of new business areas, CRPT Operator LLC, and Head of the working group Dmitry Skorchelletti
Representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia
Advisor of the Division for Interaction with State Authorities in the Sphere of Preventing Illegal Turnover of Industrial Goods of the Department for Development of Domestic Trade, Track&trace Digital System and Legalisation of Goods Circulation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Valeriya Valeeva
Representatives of industrial unions and associations
Director General, Laboratory of Industrial Solutions LLC Dmitry Pukhov
Head of the Design Department/Chief Designer's Department at Scientific and Research Institute of Rubber and Polymer Products JSC Mikhail Andreev
Director, Scientific and Research Institute of Rubber and Polymer Products JSC Vyacheslav Korchashkin
Executive Director, Association of Tyre Manufacturers Nadezhda Churmeeva
Manufacturers of tyre products
Deputy Director/ Director of the Representative Office, Tatneft-Neftekhim Management Company LLC Sergey Zhadan
Head of Interaction with Authorities, Kordiant JSC Anton Akimov
Senior Engineer of the Technical Service of the Support and Technical Service Office, Bridgestone CIS LLC. A.V. Kharchuk.
Manager for Corporate Client Relations, Nokian Tyre LLC. E. I. Timokhina.
Legal Advisor, Goodyear Russia LLC A. Yu. Smirnova
Officer-in-Charge of Technical Regulation, Public Relations Department, Eastern European Division of MICHELIN Russian Tyre Production Company LLC E. Yu. Rybakova
Technical Specialist for Customer Relations, Continental Tyres Rus LLC Mikhail Kuznetsov
Manager for Public Relations and Sustainable Development, Pirelli Tyre Russia LLC Ekaterina Dulepina
before the launch of mandatory marking on 1 December 2019
The experiment has been
conducted since 20 June 2019
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Experiment completion date: 30/11/2019
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