How to prepare for exports of medicines to Russia for a foreign manufacturer
15 August 2019
Sergey Protasov
CEO of TrekMark
If you are a foreign company or a representative of a foreign company and you want to begin or continue shipping of medicines to Russia, but you don’t know what you should start with, this webinar is for you. We will try to explain to you the process step-by-step not only relating to regulation, but also relating to technical solution of track & trace implementation at your site for Russia in different situation — when you already have software and hardware solutions for serialization & aggregation at your production plant and when you don’t.
Webinar topics
How to prepare for exports of medicines to Russia
How to serialize & aggregate medicines at foreign production plant for exports to Russia
How to export serialized medicines to Russia
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Андрей Б.
09/06/2019 10:36:29 am
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